WWE Rumors: Rebuilding While Finn Balor Is On the Mend

WWE Rumors: Rebuilding While Finn Balor Is On the Mend
Finn Balor Miguel Discart / Wikimedia cc
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The WWE suffered a big blow when Finn Balor was forced into the sidelines after suffering a shoulder injury. It came at possibly the worst time seeing how “The Demon King” has been making waves and helping add some coolness in the WWE once again.


The word out is that Balor will be out for about four to six months. It could be shorter and a lot of that will depend on how fast of a healer he is. Until then, someone will have to pick up the slack. The word out right now is that Seth Rollins will be that guy — like it or not.

Balor relinquished the title on Monday and the new champion will be known in the coming episode of Monday Night Raw. Rollins will slug it out with Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens and Big Cass, another favorite.

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Seeing Rollins win it all makes a lot of sense, but there are other possibilities. Big Cass, the obvious underdog looms as a better choice though all that will fall into the hands of the WWE.

Rollins Is Easy Target

Once Balor is up and good, it makes sense for him to target Rollins once again. If “The Architect” does become Universal champion, a rematch is likely to happen.

But there are a lot of ‘ifs’ and the healing time will be a long one. The WWE could twist some scripts for the meantime, meaning the Universal title could be passed from one star to the other.

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Counting the months and if Rollins is indeed the target, a logical time period to see Rollins hold that belt is between December to February. If Balor is indeed good by then, he could start haunting Rollins with the usual mental warfare.

Could The Balor Club Emerge?

Looking at the entrance of Balor, many may have noticed “Balor Club” on the big screen. Remember that there were rumors of seeing the “Bulletproof Club” so what are the chances the WWE creative team adds this twist?

Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows are around so they could be henchmen that could join Balor rule the WWE at some point. Both are lost in transition right now but setting the stage for Finn Balor could be a possible angle as well.

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