WWE Rumors: Randy Orton, Kurt Angle Returning for World Wrestling Entertainment Draft?

WWE Rumors: Randy Orton, Kurt Angle Returning for World Wrestling Entertainment Draft?
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The World Wrestling Entertainment Draft is set to take place on SmackDown in a couple of weeks, as the company recalls an old ploy known as the ‘brand wars’ or now termed as the ‘brand split’. The WWE does have a lot of stars at the moment and the move is likely something to maximize talent and help jack up ratings, considering the latest WWE rumors that surfaced.


That being said, the WWE draft may not necessarily cover the active stars. Numerous WWE rumors suggested that surprises could happen and may include names that many are not seeing on shows at the moment. Two names come to mind – Randy Orton and Kurt Angle. Both are proven veterans that can help in the ratings though their current states make them long shots.

Kurt Angle Passes For Now

Kurt Angle recently retired from TNA wrestling and has since been linked to a possible WWE return. The former Olympic gold medalist explained that he did have discussions with WWE but clarified that he will not be among the stars included in the coming WWE Draft, Sports Illustrated reported.

He adds in the interview that there is still a possibility he may come on board the WWE bandwagon, the earliest of which could be next year. Such should douse all water of any possible Kurt Angle at least for now.

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Angle has had a rocky relationship with the WWE, mostly stemming from outside the ring as pointed out by Camel Clutch. He does have an estranged relationship with WWE CEO Vince McMahon but obviously holds high respect for the chairman who acted more like a father to him during his prime.

Randy Orton Questionable

Randy Orton is another interesting WWE superstar, who is likely to be in the draft though he is still about a month away from actually training. “The Viper” should have started training for his comeback in mid-June but his shoulder is still not at 100 percent healed.

Apparently his shoulder surgery was more complicated than initially seen according, Wrestlezone revealed. Aside from that, Orton is also plagued by neck issues, but that one didn’t need a medical procedure.

Compared to Angle, Orton is more likely to be drafted even if he is not yet officially back on the active roster. If left out, he could return in the future with some drama tied up to it like being a freelancer – meaning he can fight for any WWE show once he is cleared to return.

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