WWE Rumors: Old Talents Returning? Alberto Del Rio, Paige Split?

WWE Rumors: Old Talents Returning? Alberto Del Rio, Paige Split?
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The recent WWE brand split may have created a lot of openings and such may be the reason why the company is reportedly out recalling former talent.


Old Names Returning?

Wrestlingnews.co suggested some names in the mix, a lot of whom are pretty familiar. Among the names mentioned include Jinder Mahal, Shelton Benjamin, MVP and Melina.

Two more names were mentioned though may not be ready for an immediate appearance. They are Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy who are holding out for various reasons. Angle is reportedly taking the time out to heal his knee, while Hardy is still under contract with TNA.

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Of the two, Hardy seems to have a better chance of returning to the WWE scene. This will be possible once his contract lapses on Feb. 28, 2017.

Low-ball Deals?

Carlito was another name in the mix, but the former star reportedly turned down the offer since it was pretty low. The same allegedly holds true for other stars who are being considered.

MVP and Benjamin are two names who have inked deals though both will have to undergo the necessary medical exams before officially joining in.

Paige and Alberto Del Rio split?

In related news, Paige and Alberto Del Rio may have seen their celebrate relationship go kaput. Both were drafted to different shows but the word out is that the split was happening anyway.

According to another post from Wrestlingnews.co, a certain reader named D00MTV bared that Paige has removed any association with Del Rio on Instagram. There was however a post where she claims some photos were mysteriously deleted.

If true, it marks a surprising end to a relationship that came out back in May. Both were spotted over at Disney World though the belief is that the two had been constantly dating even before that.

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The official status of Paige and Del Rio could be tackled on Total Divas so keep an eye out for that.

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