WWE Rumors: Loose Ends Point To Dolph Ziggler Staying

WWE Rumors: Loose Ends Point To Dolph Ziggler Staying
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WWE No Mercy is finally here and one marquee card is the career for the Intercontinental title featuring Dolph Ziggler and “The Miz”. If the easy route to keep the “Showoff” is to be considered, Ziggler should be the next Intercontinental Champion.


But then again, seeing an obvious two-against-one matchup with “The Miz’s” wife Marysse likely to get involved meaning a DQ is likely to happen, Bleacher Report reported. So assuming Ziggler has “The Miz” beat, how will a meddling Marysse costing the “Showoff” be considered?

Similar to the tasteless ending of the best-of-seven setto between Cesaro and Sheamus, this is likely to go pretty much the same way. It is all a show so Ziggler is likely to be kept though the part of teaming up remains to be seen.

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With a DQ win by Ziggler, he technically saves his career but will not become the Intercontinental Champion. In the end, SmackDown wins and also keeps both stars on the roster.

Title Change Won’t Dictate Stock Of Ziggler

Right now, the consensus is that SmackDown would be crazy to cut out Dolph Ziggler. Once given a push, Ziggler has proven to be a flexible star that the WWE can easily turn to.

The Miz” has turned more on his antics than impress inside the ring but this is what the WWE is all about – storylines. Hence, this feud may not end at WWE No Mercy though critics may likely believe it is getting nowhere.

Other Scenarios For Intercontinental Title

In the event that the WWE wants to end this feud, there could be a third party coming in. Someone who could make a bee-line for the IC title and get involved would make sense though the question is who.

If he were cleared to wrestle, the logical choice would be general manager Daniel Bryan. The two had that heated exchange on “Talking Smack”, something that sparked rumors of a ‘bearded’ return.

Outside Bryan, it could be anyone. It may be a long shot though it sounds a lot like a sensible (extension) storyline the creative team could whip up.

WWE No Mercy takes place this Sunday from the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California starting at 7 p.m. ET. The pay-per-view can be watched live from the WWE Network.

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