WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle Returning In 2017, Will It Be At WrestleMania 33?

WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle Returning In 2017, Will It Be At WrestleMania 33?
Kurt Angle Darren / Flickr cc
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Kurt Angle is currently on break from the wrestling scene though he has appeared in some independent shows. Considering they are less stressful than fulfilling contracts with wrestling bodies, it seems perfect for the former Olympian.


Word of Angle returning to the WWE is nothing new. The rumor mill has been beseeched by potential scenarios though Angle himself reveals that there have been talks going on with his group and the WWE.

Kurt Angle Back in 2017?

But along those lines come the fine print. That includes the right match, storyline and time to do it. And even if there was one already, it will not happen in 2016 but 2017.

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Talks have stalled for now and if ever they do resume, it will likely happen by the Fall. If so, the logical stage is 2017 for Angle to return to the WWE though it isn’t clear when, Wrestling News reported.

Wrestlemania 33 to Include Angle?

A best event to see Angle wrestle once more is Wrestlemania 33. Known to be the biggest stage for the WWE, the question now is how will the creative team go about it?

If such is in the works, there are more questions in mind. Will it be a one-time deal? How about pitting him against the Undertaker?

There are a lot of possibilities to book Angle but the WWE needs to be careful. Angle is likely aware of the fate that befell other wrestlers, the last notable one of which was Alberto Del Rio.

After being a hit in AAA, Del Rio made the uncanny appearance at WWE Hell in a Cell where he took up John Cena’s open challenge for the United States title. On that note, would it be another open challenge that will see Angle come in?

The only clear thing is that seeing Angle back in the WWE seems to be picking up. But the question on when and for how long is another issue that may need more weighing in.

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