WWE Rumors: John Cena Turning Heel, Facing Undertaker Soon?

WWE Rumors: John Cena Turning Heel, Facing Undertaker Soon?
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WWE icon John Cena has proven to have the ability to play either face or heel though Vince McMahon prefers the latter. Seeing that current crop of heels haven’t been panning up in the ratings, there is a chance that the Cenation leader may just make a turn somewhere moving forward.


If Cena does make the heel-turn, it wouldn’t be the first time that an aging wrestler would do the trick. Former WWE star Hulk Hogan did that in the WCW and carried the persona for a time when the McMahon’s bought the promotion, Forbes reported.

Why should Cena turn heel?

With his special talent of playing both sides, some creativity could come out to set a potential stage for Wrestlemania 33. Everyone knows that Cena is widely rumored to be taking on the Undertaker in what could be the send-off for the “Dead Man” and playing heel makes a lot of sense.

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Cena vs. Undertaker can go on as it is but everyone knows that the WWE creative team needs to come up with something to make that match memorable. However, this is a plan that will only materialize if McMahon is convinced that it can work and help jack up the ratings.

Undertaker needs to surface first.

Before moving forward with whatever the creative team plans, seeing the Undertaker emerge is a necessity. As reported in a previous post, the health of the “Phenom” is up in the air. Seeing him don crutches hints that the Undertaker may have been injured during training, meaning it is unlikely that fans will see him anytime soon.

There is also the schedule of Cena to consider. The former WWE champion is busy attending to the second season of American Grit so turning him into a heel may be in for a bit of a compromise. Fox has ordered a second season of the competition series meaning Cena may not have the time to show up on WWE shows as frequently, WWE.com reported.

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