WWE Rumors: Indian Olympic Medallist Sushil Kumar To Be Pitted Against John Cena, Roman Reigns?

WWE Rumors: Indian Olympic Medallist Sushil Kumar To Be Pitted Against John Cena, Roman Reigns?
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What's This?

After Great Kahli, another wrestler from India could be potentially on his way. He is no other than Sushil Kumar, a two-time Olympic medalist looking at other career options moving forward.


The move to sigh Sushil Kumar may not be high profile though it may depend on how he pans out in the developmental circuit. Like the current generation of stars like Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, Kumar will have to go through the process before he can see himself in the major shows.

The WWE NXT route

But before all that, a contract must be in place. Right now, the WWE’s Canyon Ceman is in talks with Sushil Kumar and his group which will hopefully result in something amicable.

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“We are exploring all options for Sushil to get into professional wrestling and are in talks with WWE,” Raman Raheja, whose company Super Sports handles Kumar’s commercial interests, the Hindustan Times reported.

Can Sushil Pick Off From The Great Kahli?

The WWE has long planned to get talent from India following the Great Khali’s exit back in 2014. Among the names who have been signed include Lovepreet Sangha and Ved Pal. If things work out, Sushil Kumar could be the third one in the mix.

Being a two-time Olympic medalist, Sushil Kumar will likely use those as part of his persona. Kurt Angle used the same before so it could open up possibilities moving forward (with the assumption that Angle eventually signs with the WWE).

The move could be crucial for Sushil Kumar who seems to have stumbled over in India. There is a lack of foundation in pro-wrestling over there and this alternative career could be a rewarding opportunity, One India reported.

Once the paperwork and details are ironed out, Sushil Kumar will have to prove his stock. It may be a different niche but something which could be tailor-made for him with not much options on the table.

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