WWE Rumors: Hulk Hogan Returning To Wrestlemania 33?

WWE Rumors: Hulk Hogan Returning To Wrestlemania 33?
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Hulk Hogan has long been out of the limelight though a lot of that had to do with his celebrated racial slurs and sex tapes expose that went public last July. Since then, nothing much has been heard from the former WWE star though there were breadcrumbs at WWE Backlash.


As Wrestlingnews.co pointed out, promos showed Hogan’s voice during Backlash which have of course raised some speculations. Recall that any traces to the former WWE champion have been removed from WWE.com in what was deemed a sign of non-toleration for his controversial acts.

Could WWE bring back Hogan?

A question that has long been asked is whether the WWE would find it in its heart to forgive Hogan and take him back in. WWE COO Triple H mentioned that it is not impossible though it will all depend on timing.

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Triple H was apparently basing it on how fast and well wounds would heal. That plus the fact that Hogan needs to do his share as well to erase the stigma of that unfortunate episode, notably the racial slur that seems to outweigh his sex videos.

Speaking of sex tapes, Hogan was able to gain some measure of redemption against Gawker Media for that expose. It somehow lessens the problems he has to deal with though he still has a long way to go.

Worth noting is that Hogan is still keeping tabs with the WWE. He is aware of the rise of Kevin Owens and the addition of AJ Styles. Though he may not be visible, it shows that Hogan is still pretty much out there.

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Returning at Wrestlemania 33?

If all goes well, seeing Hogan back at Wrestlemania 33 could be a good idea. But as Triple H says, it will be all a matter of circumstance. There is no question that Hogan is still best remembered as one of the WWE pillars so his reinstatement largely depends on the fans and of course the WWE.

Would you like to see Hogan back in the WWE? Voice out in the comments section below.

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  • Joe Allen

    Absolutely!!! Hogan is always good television. He is a WWE legend. He is a a wrestling legend. He is the greatest figure in the history of pro wrestling. He has done more for wrestling than any other superstar, including Austin, Rock, and Undertaker. He absolutely belongs in the WWE.

  • Colors78

    I Love Hulk Hogan. I’ve been one of his fans since he played in the A-Team. Please Bring Him Back.

    Signed A Black Woman