WWE Rumors: Goldberg vs Roman Reigns To Headline WrestleMania 33?

WWE Rumors: Goldberg vs Roman Reigns To Headline WrestleMania 33?
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The likely retuen of Bill Goldberg has opened up a lot of possibilities, all of which could be spurred after his imminent rematch with Brock Lesnar. The WCW legend will be at WWE Raw this Monday to address Paul Heyman’s challenge which most see nothing more than a formality.


Though there is word that Goldberg agreed to a one-match deal, the possibilities of seeing him appear in other matches is not discounted. There is a long list of WWE stars he could face, both young and old.

Triple H is a possibility considering the WWE COO handed Goldberg a defeat at WWE Armageddon 2003. Though it was not a clean win, the fact is that the loss is registered in the WWE record books.

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Battle Of ‘Spears’

The list simply goes on-and-on though a curious matchup would be against Roman Reigns. Both Goldberg and Reigns share a lot of things in common, Give Me Sport reported. Aside from being former football players, they have a similar finishing move, the ‘Spear’.

Hence, the obvious storyline here is to see who delivers the ‘spear’ best, a scenario that could best be booked for Wrestlemania 33. With Triple H vs. Seth Rollins looming, this could be a good alternative.

Will The WWE Fans Want It?

Unless the WWE creative team has something better lined up for Goldberg, a match with Reigns should suffice for now. The ‘Big Dog’ continues to hear it from the WWE fans, booed and jeered despite his best efforts to improve.

But against Goldberg, his invincibility could be put to the test though it depends if fans see the old “Goldberg” back in shape. During his prime, Goldberg almost had the same persona but managed to hit it well with the fans.

Other than the battle of two powerhouses, Reigns could even learn a trick or two from Goldberg. This, however, is looking way ahead since it all depends on of Goldberg would be open to more matches after his rumored clash with Brock Lesnar at WWE Survivor Series.

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