WWE Rumors: Dolph Ziggler Turning Heel After SummerSlam 2016 Showdown With Dean Ambrose?

WWE Rumors: Dolph Ziggler Turning Heel After SummerSlam 2016 Showdown With Dean Ambrose?
Dolph Ziggler Megan Elice Meadows / Flickr cc

Dolph Ziggler is in a familiar position once again though it doesn’t look like the results will be different. “The Showoff” gained the right to face champion Dean Ambrose for the WWE heavyweight title at SummerSlam 2016 after surviving the Six Pack Challenge on SmackDown.


In the recent episode of WWE SmackDown, Bray Wyatt issued a challenge to Ziggler for his shot, which Shane McMahon reluctantly granted. A superkick by Ziggler to Wyatt sending the “Eater of Worlds” to an exposed turnbuckle saved his date with Ambrose at SummerSlam 2016.

Mostly Flashbacks For Hype

Before Wyatt came into the fray, Ambrose and Ziggler were going down memory lane to narrate their different plights. While it is true that Ziggler started out as a ‘cheerleader’ in the WWE, he has come a long way.

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His title-shot is no different from previous pushes “The Showoff” got even before the WWE brand split. He had his chance before, but the path somehow railroaded. If the standards set by both today remain the same, it could be the pretty same route.

Time To Turn Heel?

Like the case of Roman Reigns, Ziggler is now being wooed into a heel turn. Ambrose is the obvious fan-favorite and the only way that the bleach-blond star can retain his stock is by going heel.

Playing heel isn’t new to Ziggler. He has done it before and has managed to transition to and from it. With a roster that barely has heels backstage, seeing the former Intercontinental champion undergo a persona change wouldn’t hurt.

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If not, his shot at Ambrose on Aug. 21 could be a one-time deal. With no storyline to append that, Ziggler will likely fall short and be relegated once more to the mid-cards and pave the way for other stars to step up to the plate.

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