WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler Leaving After No Mercy 2016?

WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler Leaving After No Mercy 2016?
Dolph Ziggler Megan Elice Meadows / Flickr cc

Two WWE SmackDown stars could be taking separate plights soon and these are Dolph Ziggler and Dean Ambrose. The two faced off at WWE SummerSlam, a match that left plenty to be desired.


Ambrose won that match as expected, a card that seemed to lack a lot of flavor. The paths of the two have been also somehow similar with fans apparently seeing them go nowhere.

The two will be back in action at WWE No Mercy. Ziggler will face The Miz in a steel cage match for the Intercontinental title while Ambrose is part of the Triple Threat match for the WWE heavyweight championships. From the looks of it, the two will not come away with the titles.

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Dolph Ziggler leaving?

From the looks of it, Dolph Ziggler isn’t likely to come away with the IC title with The Miz likely resorting to dirty tactics. There is also the third person in the match in Maryse, helping out his husband in one way or another.

But the real story is that Ziggler’s contract is set to expire in October. He was in a similar situation last year though he was eventually re-signed. Will that be the case again this year?

Ziggler is likely to explore his options. There are other groups like Ring of Honor or TNA who could use him as a main star. Right now his status in the WWE is in the mid-card level though anything can happen at WWE No Mercy.

Ambrose taking time out to act?

Ambrose could follow the same route of taking some time off though he will not be leaving the WWE. Word has it that the “Lunatic Fringe” will be taking a break as he begins filming for a movie by WWE Studios.

If so, this means that SmackDown may go on without Ambrose with a forecasted return likely before the 2017 WWE Royal Rumble.

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  • Red

    Ziggler potentially leaving doesn’t surprise me considering how WWE treats him. He can do so much better than what they give him.

    The last time they took Dean off tv to film one of their straight-to-DVD movies, he was on absolute fire then they all but destroyed his character upon his return. So what, it’s now proven that he actually IS the workhorse that he claims to be, so their solution is to take him off tv so Styles can catch up and pass him. Wouldn’t surprise me. But I don’t really see this one as true because they’re teasing a Shield spot at Survivor Series. Be kinda hard if Dean wasn’t there. Plus Cena’s leaving too. Let’s leave Smackdown without any damn main event babyfaces at all except Orton. Yeah, that’ll boost ratings.

    Bad time to have a brand split. Ratings are dropping on both shows still and they’re now losing talent left, right and center.