WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose Demotion For The Best, Feud With John Cena Developing?

WWE Rumors: Dean Ambrose Demotion For The Best, Feud With John Cena Developing?
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Dean Ambrose faltered yet again in his quest to reclaim the WWE heavyweight title though the result could be for his own good. Ambrose’s stock has faltered during his title reign though he seems better off giving chase or feuding with other stars.


Before the WWE brand split, Ambrose was at the top of the mountain. He was expected to bring that success to SmackDown but somehow things went haywire. That said, Ambrose may need to rebuild his stock once again and being the daredevil and underdog is seen as the way to go, ProWrestling.net reported.

Working With John Cena Instead?

There is nothing clear yet on what lies ahead for AJ Styles, Ambrose or Cena. Styles could move on or feud with one of the two. Then again, seeing Ambrose develop a feud with Cena could make sense.

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Ambrose is gifted with the ability to play heel without actually being one. Though his issues are not as serious compared to Roman Reigns, the fact is that there is work to be done with the “Lunatic Fringe”.

Mid-card Level Not A Demotion

Being relegated to the mid-card is not always bad, Bleacher Report reported. In fact, Cena had done his share before which makes the storyline perfect. Rebuilding is never a good thing for most, something that anyone would dread.

Seeing however that Ambrose’s stars have plummeted, he needs to accept the fact that something gave when he was at the top of the WWE. His run as champion wasn’t a fruitful one though it is something that can be easily repaired.

Ambrose finds himself in shallow water and rather than push him back to the top this early, working to establish himself even more is the best way to handle his situation.

Will it be against Cena or someone else? Even a run at Dolph Ziggler’s Intercontinental title could make sense though it depends if “The Miz” will be shelved or placed in a different script.

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