WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan Still Dreams Of Competing In The Ring

WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan Still Dreams Of Competing In The Ring
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Daniel Bryan seems to be doing a fine job as the general manager of SmackDown though there is no question that he could be an asset to the show as a wrestler. Unfortunately his health has stolen that dream from him, something more important than entertaining fans.


To this day, Bryan wishes there was some way he could get back in the ring. But as everyone knows, that is impossible since it would be his overall health or even his life that would be on the line. No thanks to dreaded concussion issues, Bryan has no choice but to serve the fans in a different capacity.

The dream lives on

For Bryan, hoping to be cleared for WWE action still looms. It may be a long shot but it will never die down. Speaking to the Associated Press, the former WWE champion can only look back at his good run but admits that there is more on the table for him at the moment.

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“I might even be wearing a mask at an independent show next week dressed up as Star Man,” he said. “Because it’s what I love to do. But, it becomes different when you have a wife and you’re trying to have kids.”

Hence, he has no choice but to set his priority. Bryan is in a different situation right now though it seems hard to imagine how he could get away and continue his career with a health condition.

The WWE has stood pat on its decision to save Bryan the trouble of unfortunate circumstances. The good thing is that he is still around the WWE as a general manager. It is the closest he may ever get for now though the book is not entirely closed, reports F4W Online.

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Unless some miracle happens, Bryan will have to accept the fact that his career is likely over and done with. Like other stars who were forced into retirement, he just needs to live with it no matter how hard that may be.

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