WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan Returning To Action Soon? [WATCH]

WWE Rumors: Daniel Bryan Returning To Action Soon? [WATCH]
Daniel Bryan Krystal Bogner / Flickr cc
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Daniel Bryan is doing fine as the general manager of SmackDown though some cannot help but ponder on whether this is really the place the bearded one deserves.


Following a series of injuries, Bryan was forced into retirement when the WWE would not allow him to return to the ring due to concussion issues. This is despite the former world champion getting cleared by third-party specialists to spring back into action.

Just recently, Bryan was on “Talking Smack” where he had a heated exchange with Intercontinental champion “The Miz”. It all started when Bryan criticized the latter for his wrestling style, something that obviously irked the heel wrestler per The Wrestling Observer.

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The thing to consider here is whether the whole thing was an act or really something that became personal. For a WWE fan, it was easy to see that “The Miz” was no stranger to controversy and has been in similar situations.

The Miz” may have tilted the whole thing to a WWE storyline when he took aim at the viewers towards the end of the video, which can be seen below. Unless the WWE comes forward to say that the whole thing is real, it could be linked to something big – like maybe a Bryan return.

Bryan not totally scratched?

The fact that specialists gave Bryan the green light to wrestle is something that could hint at a possible return. Only the WWE physicians have shunned clearance for the “Yes Man” though all that could easily be reversed at any time, Forbes reported.

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Also, a match involving Bryan and “The Miz” makes a lot of sense. The last title that Bryan held (and relinquished) was the Intercontinental title. After winning the belt at WrestleMania 31 over Dolph Ziggler, injuries forced him to surrender the title and technically boot him out of the WWE scene.

Bryan and “The Miz” go a long way and have had issues dating back to their NXT days. On whether all this has become personal or an act remains to be seen.

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