WWE Rumors: Bray Wyatt Taking Top SmackDown Heel Role From AJ Styles?

WWE Rumors: Bray Wyatt Taking Top SmackDown Heel Role From AJ Styles?
Bray Wyatt Megan Elice Meadows/ Commons Wikimedia cc

WWE heavyweight champion AJ Styles is currently living out the top heel brand for SmackDown but everyone knows that anyone from the roster can easily take that away from him. That includes Bray Wyatt who is currently feuding with Randy Orton under a separate storyline.


Bray Wyatt has lived out that tag ever since alongside his minions of Luke Harper, Erick Rowan, and Braun Strowman. Following the brand split, only Strowman has been taken out of the faction as he embarks on a solo career on rival brand WWE Raw, PW Mania reported.

Worth noting is that Wyatt has been doing great even without a WWE title around his waist. He has been credited with helping out characters like Roman Reigns before so it hardly comes as a surprise that he best fits the ‘ultimate heel’ tag in the WWE, Forbes reported.

For his part, AJ Styles has been portraying a heel champion perfectly though everyone knows he can easily shift to the face side if the WWE calls for it. He is a veteran and knows to play both sides, making him a prized and flexible addition to Vince McMahon and company.

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Who Is The Better Heel?

With that flexibility that Styles brings, Wyatt hardly has to evolve into a face wrestler. In fact, it may even hurt his stock if the creative team opts to make him a face. SmackDown has mapped out Wyatt’s roadmap perfectly so it wouldn’t really make sense to change that course.

So far, the WWE has inserted Luke Harper and Kane back into the fold. It seems more of an extension to prolong the actual feud between Orton and Wyatt, Forbes reported. At some point, it wouldn’t be surprising to see the “Eater of Worlds” and the “Apex Predator” locking up once again.

For AJ Styles, feuding with Dean Ambrose seems to be doing well though he could be best pitted with other top face stars like John Cena. Ambrose saw his stock plummet as champion and it doesn’t look like he will become champion again for now.

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