WWE Rumors 2016: Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar Rematch Set, The Undertaker As Spoiler!

WWE Rumors 2016: Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar Rematch Set, The Undertaker As Spoiler!
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Randy Orton will get some measure of revenge against Brock Lesnar at a scheduled live event this coming Sept. 24 in Chicago. Being a live event, the results may not matter much if one considers previous cards of the same nature.


Lesnar could still come out on top of this one with another grueling match. An Orton payback is not discounted though the encounter is unlikely to be similar to that bloody SummerSlam 2016 event.

Could the Undertaker re-emerge?

In the WWE, surprise comebacks are normally reserved either on regular shows or pay-per-views. And with that said, it seems hard to believe that the Undertaker will make an appearance and formally return to the WWE picture.

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Speculation of the Dead Man’s return cropped up courtesy of ProWrestlingSheet showing shots of Shane McMahon and The Undertaker together. Most are aware that the last two figures were together was at WrestleMania 32.

Something worth noting is that the photo came out before SummerSlam 2016. It was at the Clive Bar in Austin, Texas where both stayed for over an hour. It wasn’t mentioned what the two were discussing about a possible return for the popular WWE icon.

Take note that the Undertaker is a free agent and is not hooked to either Raw or SmackDown. The belief is that Shane-O-Mac will recruit the Undertaker to exact revenge on Brock Lesnar, who gave the SmackDown commissioner an F5 at SummerSlam.

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While that makes sense, it doesn’t add up if all this happens at a live event. So if the Dead Man does return, expect it on a live show soon. It could be on Raw, SmackDown or even Backlash where Orton will face Bray Wyatt.

If Lesnar is indeed the target, a match involving the “Beast Incarnate” is nowhere to be seen. But with a couple of weeks to go, anything can happen on the regular shows. WWE Backlash is set for Sept. 11.

As for the Orton vs. Lesnar match, it could be nothing more than a standard match with a bit of drama from the last pay-per-view. But seeing it develop more than that is pretty far-fetched.

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