WWE Rumors 2016: ‘The Miz’ headed to Raw?

WWE Rumors 2016: ‘The Miz’ headed to Raw?
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The drama surrounding “The Miz” and WWE SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan is far from over with reports that the reigning Intercontinental Champion wants out of the Tuesday night show.


Everyone knows the heated exchange between the two at “Talking Smack” something that seems to be more than plain storylines. Right now, the WWE has inserted Dolph Ziggler into the mix with the “Showoff” standing up for Bryan.

“The Miz” and Ziggler battled at WWE Backlash for the IC title, the former keeping the belt thanks to wife Marysse. Although it hasn’t been announced, the belief is that both will face each other again at WWE No Mercy in what could happen in a steel cage match, the Wrestling Observer reported.

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Trade to WWE Raw happening?

Going back to the heat of things, the latest twist comes in the form of “The Miz” wanting out of SmackDown. The IC champ is demanding for a trade and the sensible destination is WWE Raw.

It remains to be seen if this will actually be done though it does bring up a new angle in the WWE brand wars. If “The Miz” is shipped, commissioner Stephanie McMahon gets help trying to pull one over SmackDown.

Will the Intercontinental Title be included?

There are slight complications if “The Miz” does move and a lot has to do with the Intercontinental title.

The two are expected to face-off again soon, where a title chance is possible. If so, this would keep the IC title on SmackDown assuming Ziggler is able to defeat “The Miz”.

If that happens, it would be good riddance for Bryan. If not, other options include stripping “The Miz” of the title or trading up with one of the key championships (except the Universal championship) from Raw.

Right now, the only sensible title is the United States Championship held by Rusev. The “Bulgarian Brute” is expected to face Roman Reigns soon. But would it mean that whoever is US champion will move to SmackDown?

If no title is involved, it will likely be a high-profile Raw star. The question though is who would it be?

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