WWE Raw Spoilers: Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn Challenging Kevin Owens In Manila Live Event

WWE Raw Spoilers: Seth Rollins, Sami Zayn Challenging Kevin Owens In Manila Live Event
Kevin Owens Miguel Discart / Flickr cc

The WWE will be holding a live event in Manila, Philippines on Sept. 9 and one of the cards will see Universal champion Kevin Owens defending his title in a triple-threat match.


Owens will face Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn in the card, which will likely see “KO” retain the title than see a newly crowned champion. But moving forward, who will Owens feud with?

Right now, Rollins looms as the logical choice though there is an X-factor lurking in the background with Triple H. Everyone is aware of the WWE COO’s hand in crowning Owens as the second Universal champion so it will be interesting if he will be around to direct the outcome once more.

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Zayn is of course a logical choice, being a long-time nemesis of Owens. The two former best friends have been at it for quite some time now so seeing the two battle for Raw’s ultimate prize makes a ton of sense.

Wrestlemania 33 matches evolving?

The gist of things to come will obviously come from the main shows, all of which will prep the matches for Wrestlemania 33 next year.

One of the cards is obviously a potential Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match, which will likely evolve in the coming months. Triple H will not be active in the ring until maybe early 2017, meaning Rollins will have to deal with the WWE COO’s pawns, Owens included.

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Owens could remain champion until then, which means he could be primed to meet Finn Balor once the “Demon King” is cleared for active WWE duty. Recall that Balor promised he would immediately take aim of the Universal title so that could be another card.

With plenty of time to go, a lot of storylines are expected to be ironed out. The triple threat match in Manila is interesting. But from the looks of it, Owens will remain champion when the smoke is clear.

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