WWE No Mercy Rumors: AJ Styles Getting Off Easily At PPV

WWE No Mercy Rumors: AJ Styles Getting Off Easily At PPV
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WWE will hold another pay-per-view this Sunday with the main card being a Triple Threat match featuring champion AJ Styles going up against John Cena and Dean Ambrose.


Ever since winning the title from Ambrose, Styles seems to have stepped back as John Cena and the “Lunatic Fringe” try to outwit the other. Considering Cena was the logical choice to try and get back at Styles, Ambrose could not be taken out of the melee, at least not yet.

AJ Styles Likely Remains As Champion

However, things have turned personal between Ambrose and Cena and that is likely to mean good news to Styles. All the “Phenomenal One” needs to do is watch the two tear each other apart and strike when the time is right.

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Either way, this is the scenario to be expected when No Mercy kicks off Sunday from the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento, California, Bleacher Report reported.

Does The 16-time WWE Heavyweight Dream Still Make Sense?

Based on how this storyline has been doing the past weeks, Cena is using the 16-time WWE heavyweight dream as his goal where he could tie Ric Flair for the honor. Somehow that doesn’t seem to hold up especially with Ambrose on the loose.

Ambrose wants the title back in the worst way though there is no denying that he is better off where he is right now – chasing it and creating chaos.

As champion, Ambrose’s stock has dipped and is likely one of the reasons why the WWE has opted to crown a different champion. Rather than become champion, seeing the “Lunatic Fringe” messing around with Styles or Cena suits him, the same route that endeared him to fans.

WWE No Mercy happens this Sunday starting at 7 p.m. ET which can be viewed live via the WWE Network. Will there be a new WWE heavyweight champion by the end of the PPV?

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