WWE Latest Rumors: Tommy Dreamer Returning Soon?

WWE Latest Rumors: Tommy Dreamer Returning Soon?
Tommy Dreamer Mike Kalasnik/ Flickr cc

The WWE is still on the prowl for added talent and one person who they could use is Tommy Dreamer. Best known as one of the ECW originals, Dreamer did have a short run with the WWE in 2015.


He teamed up with the Dudley Boyz for a while but would soon exit the picture. Apparently Dreamer was not under contract with the WWE and with good reason.

Dreamer is busy with various commitments, including one that involves charities and events. And while that is his dish, some believe it could have been more than that.

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Dudleys by Example

Dreamer is obviously one of the popular stars in the world of wrestling, but has been around long enough to know who deserves a big push and who will not. In fact he doesn’t need to look far.

The same tag team he reinforced became underutilized. The Dudley Boyz eventually exited the WWE scene and it doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. There are a lot of younger tag teams on the rise, meaning the hardcore duo had to exit at some point.

Dreamer’s case is no different. In fact harder if you talk about singles competition. Popular as he may be, the fact is the hardcore legend still wants his share of fame and fortune.

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Welcome to the House of Hardcore

Speaking of hardcore, Dreamer has invested much of his time on his own promotion – House of Hardcore. Here, he has complete creative control as he tries to give the fans what they really want to see – wrestling.

Could this be the reason why he opted not to sign a contract with the WWE?

Right now, Dreamer seems to be doing good on his own. If ever he does re-emerge in the WWE scene, it will likely be no different from that 2015 run.

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