WWE Latest News: Alberto Del Rio Exit In Good Terms, Future Return Possible?

WWE Latest News: Alberto Del Rio Exit In Good Terms, Future Return Possible?
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Alberto Del Rio is officially out of the WWE and the parting of ways held no hard feelings. In fact it was an orderly one with the Hispanic star seemingly ready to take on the next page of his career.


Word about Del Rio’s exit is nothing new. It was speculated in the rumor mill and it was technically a given. The recent announcement simply just made it official though the kicker was the fact that both sides held no grudges.

What Forced Del Rio to Exit?

Del Rio was looking for a push that he never gave. It was one of the main reasons that led to his decision to move on.

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Del Rio made a surprise return last year at WWE Hell in a Cell, taking up John Cena’s open challenged fro the United States title. Cena was on the verge of taking a leave of absence to attend to his off-ring duties. This was for the TV reality series “American Grit” which was pretty successful.

Del Rio inherited the US title but never really made noise. He eventually lost it and joined the “League of Nations”. He also bombed out with the group and eventually found himself groping.

It was clear that Del Rio was the odd man out from there and his future became murky. He was recently suspended for a wellness policy violation, something that he is expected to address when he holds a press conference in Mexico.

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Moving forward, there is no telling where Del Rio will land. A return to AAA or a stint with TNA has been hinted. The problem is that both are experiencing financial problems which could hinder such from happening.

Either way, Del Rio is a free man and can pretty much do whatever he wants. Will he return to the WWE in the future? Considering they parted on good terms, it is possible. Only time will tell.

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