WWE Rumors: Triple H Stealing The Spotlight From Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins At Clash Of Champions 2016?

WWE Rumors: Triple H Stealing The Spotlight From Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins At Clash Of Champions 2016?
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Since appearing at WWE Raw following SummeSlam, Triple H has not appeared in any of the shows. But with WWE Clash of Champions coming soon, the WWE COO could re-appear once again and get involved in the main card pitting Universal champion Kevin Owens against Seth Rollins.


If Triple H does appear on WWE Clash of Champions, it seems obvious he will be there to try and screw Seth Rollins once again. Fans are aware that this is all part of the WWE’s plans to hype the expected Triple H vs. Seth Rollins card, something that will likely go down at Wrestlemania 33.

Would it be wise to meddle at WWE Clash of Champions?

Depending on how assesses the current feud between Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins, it is clear that the two have not gone beyond the traditional rivalry. If not Triple H, Roman Reigns or even Sami Zayn have been tossed in the den.

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This begs to ask if it would be wise for the WWE to let Triple H in on the match again at Clash of Champions. If so, this relegates the Owens vs. Rollins match nothing more than a front. Quoting Seth Rollins, “Owens is nothing but a puppet”, regardless of what he says.

If the WWE is indeed prepping for a Triple H vs. Seth Rollins card at Wrestlemania 33, it may be wise to hold off the “Cerebral Assassin” from interfering at least for now. The attention will likely sway to a Rollins vs. Triple H setto, stealing the thunder from under KO.

The best booking to see Triple H interfere is perhaps when Owens is set to rival with someone else. Finn Balor is the best one to do that though he is still recuperating from his shoulder injury.

Sami Zayn could be a logical choice but factoring him in will be tricky. Most WWE fans want to see an Owens vs. Balor match though there are a lot of precedents to consider.

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