‘WWE 2K17’ Roster, Gameplay, Latest Rumors: DLC Characters Include TJ Perkins, Owen Hart, Rhyno?

‘WWE 2K17’ Roster, Gameplay, Latest Rumors: DLC Characters Include TJ Perkins, Owen Hart, Rhyno?
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WWE 2K17 is a month away from its official release and gamers are still on the prowl to find out which characters will be included for the game. The initial list of stars have been more or less revealed though more are expected to come.


There are of course many to mention tough most want to see the new WWE faces for WWE 2K17. Names such as TJ Perkins are bound to be awaited though seeing them debut could take some time.

New stars such as TJ Perkins will need to undergo the proper scanning which WWE 2K17 game developers reveal could take about two months to complete. That said, the WWE cruiserweight champion may not be on the initial list but may be added eventually through additional content or DLC.

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Owen Hart present?

The late Owen Hart could be a good addition, assuming that all is well between the WWE and the Hart family. The two have a history covering profits gained by the WWE from using Owen Hart so it all depends on their current relationship.

It was mentioned that all is well but that does not necessarily include merchandise or gaming appearances.

Rhyno returns

One star who is expected to be cast is Rhyno. He is one half of the WWE SmackDown tag team champions (opposite Heath Slater) so seeing him in WWE 2K17 is a given. Watch out for the “Gore”!

More WWE 2K17 content coming

According to Game Spot, a lot of added content for WWE 2K17 will be coming too. Most of the packs will carry a price such as the Stars Pack and the Legends Pack, each retailing for $9. The complete list of WWE 2K17 DLC offers can be found here.

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