WWE 2016: Vince McMahon Thinks Paige Is Faking Neck Injury?

WWE 2016: Vince McMahon Thinks Paige Is Faking Neck Injury?
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Paige will be out of the WWE for quite a spell with the former WWE Divas Champion set to undergo neck surgery. The revelation follows a new 60-day suspension meted on her for reportedly another violation of the WWE’s talent wellness policy.


With Paige’s neck surgery, such will keep her out of the wrestling scene for a minimum of six months. She had previously said she would be out for up to 7 months to recover but other reports dish that it could be as long as 9. If this is the case, Paige is not expected back until the Spring of 2017, TMZ reported.

Does Paige Really Need Surgery?

Neck surgery was previously seen as an option so it comes as a surprise why Paige suddenly decided to undergo the procedure. It was previously categorized as similar to the degree that male counterparts suffer from which places here ring career in dire straits.

One can only look to the risks that Nikki Bella took when she underwent the same procedure. Nikki did return successfully though it is obvious that the reality TV star is currently taking it slow. She has been appearing in shows frequently as of late but the fact is that she is not yet at 100%.

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For Paige, the controversy is on whether she does need it or not. Also, there is the question on who would pick up the tab for the surgery. Vince McMahon and the WWE are allegedly apprehensive of Paige’s decision since conflicting reports on whether it was needed or not are in the air, PW Insider reported.

It has been a rocky road ahead for Paige with her return questionable. But assuming she does undergo successful surgery, the next question now is whether she would actually return to the WWE. Rumors are afloat that Paige may be on her way out and likely to follow the footsteps of boyfriend Alberto Del Rio who previously cut ties with the company.

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