WWE 2016: Triple H Waging War Against Wife Stephanie McMahon, Mick Foley To Promote NXT?

WWE 2016: Triple H Waging War Against Wife Stephanie McMahon, Mick Foley To Promote NXT?
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Following the events that happened on WWE Raw, Triple H’s sudden intrusion to decide who the new Universal champion would be hints at more twist moving forward.


But before all that, there are some not totally sold that Triple H would be feuding with his wife, Stephanie McMahon. Apparently most are aware that the two have been (in)famous with “The Authority,” which makes everything seem like as a setup.

Assuming that Stephanie is unaware and that Triple H could be leading some sort of revolution, how would things pan up? Will it be to build Kevin Owens or spark that much awaited feud with Seth Rollins?

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If so, it will come at the expense of Stephanie and Raw GM Mick Foley. There will be turns moving forward and among them could include Triple H not entirely sold on the idea of how both run the show.

Triple H Leading NXT Invasion?

As most know, Triple H is aggressively trying to build the WWE NXT brand. Several stars have made the jump and Kevin Owens is one of them. The first Universal Champion, Finn Balor, was ironically the big star though he is out due to injury.

Could all these add up to a possible WWE NXT invasion? How about a side promo that will help the developmental circuit?

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Triple H could be taking aim at Raw for drafting Balor and thus robbing the developmental brand of its stars. That tactic could work, even if it means going against Stephanie McMahon.

It seems hard to accept that Stephanie is not (somehow) included in any of this. That could be the case in the early goings but revelations could happen soon enough.

Right now, it will be interesting if Triple H addresses his actions on WWE Raw next Monday. From there, a better view on where this twist is headed will be made known.

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