WWE 2016: The Undertaker Spotted In Crutches, Injured While Training For Comeback?

WWE 2016: The Undertaker Spotted In Crutches, Injured While Training For Comeback?
The Undertaker felipe bascuñan / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

The Undertaker has yet to make his much-awaited return to the WWE but recent photos may provide an explanation why. The “Dead Man” was apparently seen with crutches beside a Starbucks barista.


While the photo could render different takes, a second photo showing the future WWE Hall of Famer may have just rendered an answer on why he has yet to surface in the WWE scene, Yahoo reported. Walking around with crutches could mean a lot of things like some lower extremity injuries (i.e. ankles, knees). So is he injured?

Undertaker Injured At Training?

A logical explanation for the sighting/s could be tied up to the Undertaker getting it from training. Despite being out of action, it would not be a surprising dish since he is expected to return to the fold soon.

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An event that the Undertaker never misses is Wrestlemania. The word out is that he could be possibly facing John Cena, the same person who he was supposed to face at Wrestlemania 32. An injury to John Cena thwarted that and the “Phenom” settled for Shane McMahon, ewrestlingnews.com reported.

That was actually the last time the Undertaker was seen. Since then, rumors on whether it would be feasible to expect the 51-year-old have surfaced despite the fact that he has not yet officially retired from the WWE.

Time To Spare

The good news is that the Undertaker has all the time to recuperate, hopefully in time perhaps for WWE Royal Rumble. This is normally the stage where Wrestlemania matches take shape so an appearance could book that clash with Cena (or other stars depending on the situation), Forbes reported.

Until the real reason is known, it would be best to keep an open mind on what the real score is for the Undertaker. Wrestlemania 33 takes place April 2017, a long way off where anything can still happen.

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  • Dan Smith

    Didn’t he miss Wrestlemania 10 because of injury?