WWE 2016: The Undertaker Taking World Title From Dean Ambrose?

WWE 2016: The Undertaker Taking World Title From Dean Ambrose?
The Undertaker felipe bascuñan / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

A photo has gone viral showing WWE SmackDown general manager Shane McMahon and The Undertaker at the Clive Bar over in Austin, Texas. And as one would suspect, “Dead Man” returning is in the air.


Take note that the photo cropped up way before SummerSlam 2016. Hence, any planned return of The Undertaker was already in the works even before Brock Lesnar went out of control against Randy Orton in the main event.

Moving forward, it is anyone’s guess on when the Undertaker would return. Assuming he does, who does he take aim?

A wise bet would be Brock Lesnar, which was already covered in a previous post. So how about seeing the Dead Man taking aim at Dean Ambrose and his heavyweight title?

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Eye on the prize?

Ambrose is set to defend his title against AJ Styles, where he is likely to win against the “Phenomenal One.” Knowing that the WWE has always come up with a certain twist, what are the chances that The Undertaker appears and takes aim at Ambrose’s title?

That could be possible meaning the free agent would take aim at the WWE heavyweight title. But will he be successful?

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Such would also mean that The Undertaker would be limited to SmackDown storylines, which Vince McMahon will likely take exception. For a legend like the “Phenom,” he is still best matched up with the top stars other than Ambrose.

Knowing The Undertaker could sign with SmackDown and appear occasionally, it doesn’t make sense to see him win the title once more. Instead, it could be a recurring storyline, which would benefit SmackDown and its ratings.

But with no formidable opponent for the “Lunatic Fringe,” a rivalry between the two could work for a limited time. The best booking for The Undertaker is the revenge angle, which would see Shane-O-Mac use the Dead Man to get even with Lesnar, which is a pretty sensible storyline.

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