WWE 2016: Seth Rollins To Trigger ‘Shields’ Reunion? [POLL]

WWE 2016: Seth Rollins To Trigger ‘Shields’ Reunion? [POLL]
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Following the turn of events from last week’s Monday Night Raw, it seems imminent that Seth Rollins will be slowly molded to a baby-face character soon. A lot of that will be covered on this week’s episode with new storylines likely.


As mentioned in a previous post, the Seth Rollins’ turn could result into a lot of things. He doesn’t need to start playing nice and shun the arrogant persona that he has perfectly developed. Rather, it could be a move aligned somewhere to how Steve Austin and Dwayne Johnson did during their time.

A Common Foe Named Triple H

Somewhere along the line, it could also be the trigger for a possible “Shield” reunion. Well sort of. With Dean Ambrose moving to SmackDown, the likely scenario would see Rollins and Roman Reigns aligning at some point since they do have a common foe right now – Triple H.

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It wouldn’t be surprising to see a couple of tag team matches pitting Rollins and Reigns against Kevin Owens and most likely Chris Jericho. More to that, it will be what Triple H would be doing outside the ring that will be interesting.

Rollins is also likely to continue his quest to capture the Universal title, a goal that could take some time. With Triple H backing Owens, the Canadian may finally have a long reign as champion compared to before.

Nothing has been set for Backlash (officially) for Owens though all that could be set later on. Owens will be defending his title against Sami Zayn and Rollins in London and then again in Manila, Philippines.

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No title changes are expected but the thing here is that it will be all about building the hype for Rollins and Triple H. A “Shield” reunion looms though it may not be a long-lasting one.

At the end of the day, it still about cooking up that much-awaited mentor vs. student match between Seth Rollins and Triple H at Wrestlemania 33 in 2017.

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