WWE 2016: Seth Rollins Losing Popularity With ‘Babyface’ Image?

WWE 2016: Seth Rollins Losing Popularity With ‘Babyface’ Image?
Seth Rollins Anton/ Flickr cc
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What's This?

Seth Rollins is expected to undergo a major transformation starting perhaps in the upcoming WWE Raw episode on Monday.


Everyone knows what happened last week, how Triple H turned on his former protégé that allowed Kevin Owens to become the second universal champion. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this is the baby-face turn of “The Architect,” not to mention the seeds for the much awaited Rollins vs. Triple H showdown.

So the question now is how will the WWE creative team mold this one? It seems uncanny to see Rollins instantly becoming a humble guy and be a do-gooder. Doing so could be catastrophic, similar to how they handled the Roman Reigns push.

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Stone Cold or People’s Champ?

Rollins push to baby-face status doesn’t need a complete overhaul in character. There are WWE legends who have done the trick and not changing their persona.

Stone Cold Steve Austin lived through his career with the hateful attitude and won the adoration of the fans, while The Rock didn’t really change his brash style. Regardless, everyone knows how the two became the popular figures in wrestling entertainment.

John Cena made the transition without much effort. In fact, he was able to easily play both face and heel wrestlers. For Rollins, his mantra of “Rebuild. Redesign. Reclaim” could be a good start, meaning he doesn’t entirely have to be nice.

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His arrogance precedes him so it will be interesting how he can get the fans on his back. With the turn, he is likely to get his share of losing spells, not to mention backstabbing from Triple H or even Kevin Owens.

Shield Reunion Possible?

With Rollins disowned, such opens doors for a possible “Shield” reunion. Pairing with Roman Reigns could be in the works with Rollins as “The Guy.”

For Reigns, his star has been fluttering so it may be the point where he will be playing second fiddle. He is the odd man out of the star mix right now but aligning with Rollins for the meantime could be possible.