WWE 2016: Seth Rollins Should Be Kicked Out Of World Wrestling Entertainment, Says Bret Hart’s Brother

WWE 2016: Seth Rollins Should Be Kicked Out Of World Wrestling Entertainment, Says Bret Hart’s Brother
Seth Rollins Anton/ Flickr cc
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Seth Rollins has been hit before by WWE legend Bret Hart regarding his performance in the ring. Now it looks like another Hart has joined the fray calling for the “Architect” to be kicked out of the WWE.


As mentioned in a previous post, Bret Hart took a swipe at Seth Rollins for the multiple injuries he has caused in the WWE. The latest casualty was Finn Balor who defeated him at WWE SummerSlam for the Universal title.

Balor denied that Seth Rollins was at fault, believing it was unintentional. Other WWE stars who suffered injuries at the hands of the former WWE champion include Sting and John Cena.

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What does Seth Rollins have to do with it?

Hart never backtracked on his dish and now the eldest of the Hart family has taken a swipe at Seth Rollins. Unfortunately, the claim of Smith Hart lacked the proper credential to support his claim.

It all stemmed from Hart taking aim at Seth Rollins following the death of a 20-year-old native named Jonah Snyder. Snyder was training at the Rollins’ Black and Brave Academy in Moline, Illinois.

The problem is that there was no confirmation if Rollins was around when the incident happened. Snyder was believed to have suffered from a cardiovascular issue. Hart alleges that Rollins may have pushed Snyder to be like him and hence follow the same regimen that made him a fantastic CrossFit athlete.

The rant was initially posted on Hart’s Facebook account but has since been deleted. Overall, the post claims that Seth Rollins was a danger to the business.

At the rate things are going, things seem to be getting personal between the Harts and Rollins and the heat is unlikely to die down moving forward. On the part of Seth Rollins, this should be old news and something that will not sorely affect his WWE performance.

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