WWE 2016: Rey Mysterio Leaving Lucha Underground, Return To World Wrestling Entertainment?

WWE 2016: Rey Mysterio Leaving Lucha Underground, Return To World Wrestling Entertainment?
Rey Mysterio Will Beardmore/ Flickr cc

The WWE continues to look for more talent to ramp up their roster and one cannot help but wonder if Rey Mysterio Jr. will ever make a return to the McMahon umbrella.


Right now, the safest answer is unlikely. Seeing the success that the former WWE champion has had on Lucha Underground, it would take a large amount of money and opportunity for the high-flyer to return to the fold.

Learning from Alberto Del Rio

While that could make sense, Mysterio may have kept tabs on what happened to another Hispanic star, Alberto Del Rio. Recall how Del Rio was believed as never coming back but yet made that surprise appearance at WWE Night of Champions.

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He eventually became the new United States champion, but nothing really panned up from there. He did strike a big deal but as fate would have it, bombed out of the WWE scene.

Mysterio may be wise to place that into consideration. Seeing his progress over at Lucha Underground, it doesn’t look likely that he will bite a lucrative offer at this point.

Rey Mysterio Ugly Exit Still In The Air

After making it big in the WWE, everyone knows how mysteriously he vanished out of contention. Mysterio became a heavyweight champion despite the weight disparity but somehow fell off when the big guys came into play.

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He did try to return to contention but all of it went for naught. Quietly, he exited the WWE scene and found new life with Lucha Underground.

Moving forward, Mysterio seems to have it made with the company. There seems to be no reason for him to part Lucha Underground in favor of the WWE. The timing could be great for him to return, but the questionable plans of the WWE may have for him persists.

This is not to discount a possible return for Mysterio to the WWE scene. The fact is that it is not expected to develop in the near future.

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