WWE 2016: Randy Orton To Retire After Another Injury?

WWE 2016: Randy Orton To Retire After Another Injury?
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The ghost from WWE SummerSlam 2016 has re-emerged following Randy Orton’s inability to show up at WWE Backlash. The “Viper” was originally scheduled to face Bray Wyatt but the card changed when the “Eater of Worlds” viciously attacked Orton backstage.


Kane eventually stepped in place of the “Apex Predator” though there seems to be more to the storyline. It appears that Orton was never healthy, to begin with and that the whole ruckus was something used to cover it all up and save the match.

Uncertainty Already Out Before Backlash

There were already seeds even before the pay-per-view that Orton could be out of WWE Backlash. The real reason was not disclosed though PWInsider reports that it was concussion-related.

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If so, a concussion-related issue comes a bit of a surprise considering Orton barely wrestled that much following WWE SummerSlam. Recall that his match with Brock Lesnar was under fire with most believing the “Beast Incarnate” did not follow the script.

Looking at the events since then, that bloody attack of Lesnar is once again up in the air which Orton claimed he was aware of. Chris Jericho had previously questioned the script and even came face-to-face with Lesnar at some point.

Orton Retirement an Option?

Obviously, not many are buying the attack of Wyatt and also the concussion issue. The fact that Orton required staples in the head was serious as most would think.

But moving forward, it begs to ask if Orton will still return to WWE action. Assuming that the company sticks to the concussion angle, it could be similar to what forced SmackDown general manager Daniel Bryan into retirement early this year.

If so, it will be another setback for the WWE should they lose Orton due to health reasons. Orton is a tough hombre but if he fails to pass and convince the WWE medical team to continue, his future is currently in doubt.

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