WWE 2016: Why Randy Orton’s Star Power Is Declining

WWE 2016: Why Randy Orton’s Star Power Is Declining
Randy Orton Ed Webster / Flickr cc
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Randy Orton has been in the WWE headlines for a different reason, that of which tackles mostly his state of health. Everyone knows by now how he was pulled from that match against Bray Wyatt at WWE Backlash, a concussion-related issue.


He did appear in several live events but was noticeably kept off the physical side of things. All that has changed recently with Randy Orton taking on Wyatt and getting some bumps in a conservative way, PW Insider reported.

The fact is that the injuries are still there and another bad hit could place Orton back in the sidelines. Is this the beginning of the end?

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Randy Orton banking on popularity

Randy Orton has been kept out of action due to injuries. He did return at WWE SummerSlam but eventually got mangled by Brock Lesnar. The bloody mess continues to be a controversy to this day with most believing that the “Beast Incarnate” went off script.

Moving forward, Randy Orton has been tied up to a storyline with Bray Wyatt. It isn’t exactly one of the competitive matches the WWE has to offer but it will do for entertainment sake. But what happens after this storyline comes to a close.

Randy Orton finds himself in a situation where he may be relegated to aiding the rising stars in the WWE. The focus on SmackDown right now is AJ Styles, Dean Ambrose and The Miz, meaning Orton will have tough lucky trying to outdo the stars of the said names.

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Working with mid-card wrestlers seems likely even though it somehow demotes Randy Orton’s value. Given that the WWE has a full house of young and rising stars, it may be the only way for “The Viper” can stay on the show.

At 36, Orton can still have one last run before he ends up hanging his trunks. For now, that seems far from happening though his stars can still shine if the WWE wants it to happen.

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