WWE 2016: Matt Hardy Returning? Triple H Pirating TNA Superstar?

WWE 2016: Matt Hardy Returning? Triple H Pirating TNA Superstar?
Matt Hardy Robby Green/ Flickr cc
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The search for added talent to the WWE roster continues and the target includes the former WWE stars, particularly the ones during the Attitude Era. Most are spread across different bodies but one notable star who made a splash alongside his brother Jeff is Matt Hardy.


Matt is currently with TNA where he personifies a dark, supernatural character. Hearing about the WWE going after stars like Matt Hardy won’t come as a surprise but the word out right now is that they are trying to recruit him to the fold, Wrestlingnews.co reported. So will Matt bite?

Calling all stars

Recalling Matt Hardy would make a lot of sense though it will be interesting where he would land up. After the WWE brand split, wrestlers who have signed so far include Shelton Benjamin, Curt Hawkins and Jinder Mahal.

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There is no word on how much these guys are getting though some have claimed to have been low-balled. The new recruits will technically start from scratch with their compensation likely increase depending on their impact.

In short, it is a gamble where they can make it big (again) or bomb out. Alberto Del Rio surprisingly made the jump despite being a big star with AAA but ended up folding and exiting. Right now, that could be a point of reference for stars who may have been approached by Triple H and the WWE.

For Matt Hardy, it could be a similar situation. The difference is that there is word that the WWE could end up buying TNA. If so, the belief is that it will be limited to adding the tapes to the WWE library and the status of the TNA stars is still unknown.

For Hardy, this could very well end up in him rejoining the WWE. That is unless he has some ill-feeling or an offer from other groups like the New Japan Pro Wrestling or even Lucha Underground.

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