WWE 2016: Hardy Boyz Returning? Matt, Jeff Speak Address Rumors

WWE 2016: Hardy Boyz Returning? Matt, Jeff Speak Address Rumors
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Matt and Jeff Hardy, best known as the Hardy Boyz during their tenure in the WWE, are doing great with TNA Wrestling. But as everyone knows, the wrestling group has been hounded by financial trouble which means their future is not exactly a certainty.


Regardless, word came out several weeks ago of both Matt and Jeff Hardy returning to the WWE fold. Much of that was covered in a previous post specifically covering Matt’s reported talks with Triple H.

Matt And Jeff Hardy Respond Differently

Both Matt and Jeff Hardy rendered contrasting replies during an interview with Sports Illustrated when asked about a possible WWE return. Judging by their responses, the chances of that doesn’t seem to be too enticing.

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On one end, Jeff Hardy seems more open to the idea though he stresses that is content and fine with Impact Wrestling. He points out the risks involved in committing to the WWE, including a lot of time away from home.

It may all depend on what happens between now and February, the time where his TNA contract ends. It all boils down on the fine print of the contract coming his way though he doesn’t mind staying on with Impact Wrestling and get the chance for another possible title-run.

On the other end, Matt Hardy seems well and good with the TNA. He did revolutionize himself and believes that the WWE wants a piece of it.

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While he did get his fair share of a WWE run, he seems to be better off in TNA. He admits having trust issues with “Meekmahan” (likely referencing to Vince McMahon) so a return to the WWE fold may be hard to see, according to a report from 411Mania.

One thing that Matt and Jeff may want to consider though is the fact that the WWE is one of the several groups in negotiations of buying TNA, Forbes reported. While the WWE may be targeting the match tapes, there is no denying that the future of both could be included.

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