WWE Rumors 2016: Will Cesaro Injury Require A Replacement Against Sheamus?

WWE Rumors 2016: Will Cesaro Injury Require A Replacement Against Sheamus?
Cesaro and Sheamus Megan Elice Meadows/ Flickr cc
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What's This?

One of the less popular matchups to date is that best of seven match pitting Sheamus and Cesaro. With the title-matches gaining more attention, the pairing has been overshadowed and seen nothing more than a kick-off match most of the time.


While the intent is really to show who is the best warrior, a new developing angle could spur this less stellar battle. Cesaro is suffering from an injury (lumbar spine), which could pose a threat to the best of seven series. Sheamus holds the advantage, 2-0.

Should the WWE stop or move forward?

Knowing how the WWE places premium on the health of its stars, it will be interesting if Cesaro will have enough to survive this series. Down 2-0, it is likely that Cesaro may lose the third match and fall 0-3.

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Then again, we all know that angle of fans rooting for the underdog so the ‘Swiss Superman’ could whittle down the ‘Irishman’s’ lead. Moving forward, how does this end up?

One gets the idea that the WWE purposely gave Sheamus the lead for an epic comeback on the part of Cesaro. But the injury angle was something unseen.

In the WWE, the creative team maximizes storylines with the recent predicaments – injuries included. They could either delay the series a bit for Cesaro to heal or push through with dire consequences. Being only in the third match, this one has a long way to go.

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Sweep Unlikely

There are two ways to end this one. Either call it off due to injury or have Sheamus finish the series via clean sweep. Of the two, the safer assuming the WWE is looking out for its stars. For Cesaro, it becomes another botched run for someone who has been beset by injuries.

Will there be a substitution for Cesaro?

Another alternative could be to have someone fill in for Cesaro. It seems a bit odd though it could add some life into a less-than-exciting bill. But the question is who? There are a number of names that could step up, ones not involved in major storylines. That list includes Sami Zayn, Neville or Big Cass.

Replacing Cesaro is like resetting everything though the series can always be toned down to a best-of-five instead.

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