WW3 Tensions Soar! Shots Fired Between Russia & Turkey

WW3 Tensions Soar! Shots Fired Between Russia & Turkey
At a military sports festival held to mark Navy Day President of Russia cc by 4.0

Tensions are still very high between Russia and Turkey. The two nations have once again been involved in a tensed situation. A Russian destroyer fired warning shots at a Turkish ship in the Aegean Sea.


The shots were fired in order to prevent the collision between the two vessels, according to the Russian Ministry of Defense. Russian watchmen spotted the Turkish vessel at the distance of 1,000 meters from their ship. They attempted to establish repeated contacts with the Turkish vessel but to no avail. They attempted communication through radio, semaphore signals and signal rockets but were all dismissed by the other ship.

When the Turkish vessel neared at a very critical distance of 600 meters, the Russian watchmen decided to fire shots using naval small arms. They fired at a distance that could still guarantee the survival of the targeted Turkish vessel. That was the only time the ship changed its course and avoided the Russian destroyer.

Turkish and Russian military officials scampered at the Turkish embassy in Moscow on Dec. 13 to discuss the incident. Rear Admiral Ahmet Gunes, Turkish military naval attaché, met with Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Anatonov. Ahmet Gunes was informed of the deep concern over the incident. The Russian Defense Ministry called it another provocative action from Turkey. Ahmet Gunes promised to inform Ankara of the incident.

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Russia and Turkey have been nearing an actual confrontation since the latter downed a Russian bomber over the Turkey-Syria airspace. The two nations have since engaged in provocative accusations.

These two nations engaging in combat could immediately spark World War 3. Turkey is a strong NATO ally together with 28 other nations including the U.S. The Alliance has Article 5, which states an attack to one is an attack to all. NATO and Russia relations were at worst levels even before the incident. On the other hand, Vladimir Putin also has strong allies that could rally behind him: China, Iran and Brunei.


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