WW3 In South China Sea: China Deploys Fighter Jets, US Put More Weapons

WW3 In South China Sea: China Deploys Fighter Jets, US Put More Weapons
USS Ronald Reagan transits toward Hong Kong for a port visit Official US Navy Page / Flickr CC BY 2.0

The tension in the highly contested group of islands in the South China Sea, which China arbitrarily claims, is far from over as the Chinese government sent out fighter jets, a report shows.


In an exclusive report from Fox News, it was revealed that high ranking officials from the White House has confirmed the recent development, which left many shocked. The conflict between China and other nations that are also claiming parts of the South China Sea has been heating up lately as China maintained its sovereignty over the 12-nautical mile sea.

According to the report, China sent its fighter jets despite the recent hosting of US Secretary of State John Kerry of Chinese Foreign Ministry Wang Yi. While Kerry warmly received Yi during his entire visit to the US, the two did talk about the current condition in the South China Sea.

In the report, Kerry urged China to avoid any hostilities and further military activities in the area, which could escalate the conflict into a showdown of military power in the region. Yi, for his part, also asked that US should stop meddling in the issue in the region, saying the US is not a party to the issue. Kerry, however, did not directly put all the blame to China on what’s happening in the region as other countries, such as the Philippines and Vietnam, have resorted to unilateral measure of reclamation, which according to him, has also contributed to the escalation of the conflict.

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In a separate report published by Reuters, China’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said the Americans to back off from the on-going conflict in the South China Sea. “The U.S. is not involved in the South China Sea dispute, and this is not and should not become a problem between China and the United States. China’s deploying necessary, limited defensive facilities on its own territory is not substantively different from the United States defending Hawaii,” Hua was quoted as saying by Reuters.

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