WW3 Signs: Poland Wants Russia & NATO To Talk About Ukraine, Putin Threatens With Lethal S-300 Batteries

WW3 Signs: Poland Wants Russia & NATO To Talk About Ukraine, Putin Threatens With Lethal S-300 Batteries
Direct Line with Vladimir Putin Kremlin.ru CC by 4.0

NATO and Russia are set to talk to each other, but Poland warned that the meeting should focus on Russia’s withdrawal from Ukraine’s territories. However, even with such warning, it does not seem like Russia plans to stop its world denomination plans anytime soon, as new weapons are expected to drop.


Poland Warns Russia and NATO?

Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz said that Russia and NATO should focus on Moscow’s withdrawal from the Ukrainian territory. The minister suggested the idea following the statement from NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg about the planned formal talks with Russia following the summit in Warsaw this week.

“Russia is an occupying power, every day innocent people, civilians are killed by Russia soldiers who are the aggressors,” said Macierewicz on Polish TV via Yahoo.

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“We are not going to discuss defense plans with Russia. With Russia we can only discuss when and how they are going to withdraw from the occupied territories,” added the official.

Russia’s annexation of Crimea and the 2014 intervention in Ukraine poked at NATO and its complacency. The incident also emphasized that the alliance needed to strengthen its readiness and resources to address the new set of security challenges.

Stoltenberg said Monday that the alliance is “working with Russia to hold another meeting of the (NATO-Russia) council shortly after the summit.” 

Russia’s New Weapons

However, NATO and Poland may need to prepare for a possible conflict as Russia appears to be preparing new lethal weapons. According to National Interest, satellite imagery confirms Russia has deployed new surface-to-air missile systems to Belarus. The region is Moscow’s frontline ally and its possible Eastern European buffer state.

The report also said that the delivery of new weapons could mark the resurgent power’s strategy to put up and combine the two countries’ air defense networks. The partnership seems to be progressing despite the friction in the relationship. Specifically, it appears that additional S-300 near Polatsk and Grodno could be found along Polish and Lithuanian borders as noted by the satellite imagery.

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  • Mixa Klimment

    While the message that NATO should be retired is accurate, the author fails to make one thing clear: It is not Russia who is threatening war today, it is the US. Russia’s actions with regard to Georgia, Ukraine, Crimea and Syria were all in response to US illegal interventions and destabilizing regime change coups. Never once in this article was the word “neocon” mentioned — which in itself casts suspicion on the intentions of the author to equalize blame between Russia and the US. This is unacceptable. The neocons have made clear through a series of reports that their end-goal is US world domination, and Russia stands in their way. A critical look at world tensions would point their origins clearly at the neocon regime change agenda. Russia has avoided getting caught up in that trap so far, but actions like the Crimea referendum and Syria intervention have to be seen as Russian defense to America’s offense……………

  • Rodney King

    Typical US “sh**t”. There can be no resolution in Ukraine until Kiev takes the first step agreed to under the Minsk2 accord. “Passes legislation to establish a new constutition that gives the rebel areas more autonomy.” Something they have not done. I trust in the meantime Russia is arming and training thousands of motivated people in the rebel held areas and thousands of highly motivated individuals from the 700,000+ that have fled to Russia as refugees. Unlike the regular conscripted Army in Ukraine [most try to avoid the draft except for the far Right Facist types] they will be motivated and have a cause. There is no way US & British training etc. will ever turn a mainly conscript force into an effective force. Odds on they will crumble and desert just like they did in the first round. No way NATO will get involved in a Civil War either. Most memebrs of NATO are not as blind stupid as the USA. The other option for Russia is to sit it out until the next elections take place in Ukraine. There is no way the present Regime being as unpopular as it is will be voted in again. The USA as usual sticking its nose into other nations business is going to get humiliated and burnt once again. More credibility gone.

  • olympics fitness

    what do you mean:”it does not seem like Russia plans to stop its world denomination plans anytime soon”?… The aggressors here are the Western countries, not Russia.. This is another American lie regurgitated by the subservient media written by puppets like this un-Pretcous Valerie.. Shame on you, Un-Precious !