WW3 Showdown: US Puts Lethal Nukes Across Europe To Target Russia?

WW3 Showdown: US Puts Lethal Nukes Across Europe To Target Russia?
USS Cowpens launches missiles Official U.S. Navy Page / Flickr CC BY 2.0

There is no doubt that nuclear power puts a country at a pedestal against others, but not without consequences and scrutiny. Recently, it was revealed that the United States have stationed nukes all over Europe, and it might spell more trouble. Is the United States keeping them for defense purposes, or is it aiming at threats like Russia? 


US Nukes Across Europe

It appears that the United States have lethal nukes all across Europe without good reason. Not to mention having these weapons stationed across Europe does not seem like any value more to the defense.

“Indeed, what makes the whole scenario puzzling is how little defense value the United States gains from having H-bombs strewn about Europe. The theory is that having these bombs so close to Russia will act as a deterrent to aggression, but that Cold War–era idea is increasingly little more than an outdated relic on both political and technological grounds,” wrote Bonnie Kristian for National Interest.

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The weapons across the Europe, however, suggest that has a “at best a neutral impact on U.S. security.” The nukes are more like the reflection of an ideology that has long been outdated.

Growing Threats Require Missiles

Another report from Defense News suggested that growing threats have pushed countries to progress and invest more on their missile defense capabilities.

“It is no secret, our global foes are making serious inroads developing next-generation ballistic missile capabilities. This is about more than just keeping up with the Joneses; this is about leading on missile defense,” the report said in relation to the decisions of the United States to look more into its missile capabilities.

Countries like China threaten the United States as they continue to re-engineers its long-range ballistic missiles to carry nuclear warheads. Russia is also in a similar sphere.

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