WW3 Seethes In Syria: Russia Onslaught Perseveres; Blinding Ray Gun Tested

WW3 Seethes In Syria: Russia Onslaught Perseveres; Blinding Ray Gun Tested
At a military sports festival held to mark Navy Day President of Russia cc by 4.0
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Russia’s onslaught against ISIS in Syria persists with its four-missile warships launching cruise missile strikes from the southwest part of the Caspian Sea to a number of important objects of militants. The Chief of the Main Operational Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed forces, Colonel General Andrei Kartapolov, said targets were engaged with long-range cruise missiles.


The missiles were launched from Russia’s four warships – Dagestan, Grad Sviyazhsk, Veliky Ustyug and Uglich. Kartapolov highlighted that Russia’s main goal is to “build-up the intensiveness of strikes against the ISIS and the Jhabat al-Nusra objects.” All targets had been properly identified using the data received from space and radio reconnaissance and photos obtained by Russia’s UAVs. Russia was also able to collect intelligence from Syria, Iran and Iraq, Kartapolov told press.

On October 8, Russia’s Ministry Of Defense said aircraft carried out 22 sorties from their Hmeymim airbase. The Su-34, Su-24M and Su-25 crews attacked 27 terrorist facilities around Syria. The ISIS groups were subjected to massive bombing, the ministry said.

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There had been reports accusing Russia of hitting civilians and religious sites. Commander-in-chief of the Aerospace Forces, Colonel General Viktor Bondarev, told a press conference that all missiles and bombs being launched by Russian aviation hit all ISIS targets. The commander said that their pilots are properly trained before being deployed. Command, coordination and communication centers, terrorist training camps, armament manufacturing plants, depots with ammunition were the targets of the aviation strikes, Bondarev said. He reiterated that not a single civilian facility has been hit by the Russian aviation since Sept. 30.

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The war against the ISIS is an advantageous arena where Russia could test its new generation of weapons, analysts were one in saying. “There are radars and all sorts of new control systems, and of course we need a firing range,” analyst Konstantin V. Remchukov told the Echo of Moscow radio station as reported by The New York Times. “A firing range like that opening before us in Syria, with these bombing sorties, with drones and other objects of the new generation, this is, of course, a favorable place for fine-tuning all our new weaponry,” Remchukov said further.

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This week, Russia tested the remotely-controlled “visual optical jammer station, Grach,” a ray gun with light that is enough to blind the enemies and block its sensors. RT reported that the test fire was conducted at a military expo in Kubinka near Moscow while the Express is guessing that the ray gun will first be used to wipe out ISIS in Syria.

The Russian Navy is set to start testing a prototype in late October, RT reported. OPK Deputy Director, Seregy Skovov, who created the blinding ray gun, said the weapon can be used in counterterrorist operations, counteramphibious or countersabotage warfare.

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