WW3 Scenario: Vladimir Putin’s Nuclear Attack Submarines Are Ready

WW3 Scenario: Vladimir Putin’s Nuclear Attack Submarines Are Ready
Nuclear Submarine President of Russia / Website CC
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Russia’s submarine force has been asleep for around twenty years devoid of missions and funds. Not anymore. According to reports, Vladimir Putin is breathing life into the program once more and it may just shake up world powers like the United States.


It was just recently that reports cited Russian attack submarines seen along the coastlines of Scotland, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean Sea. The reports came in light of Russia’s long absence when it comes to underwater technology which also gave many NATO members a certain amount of ease to abandon or draw down on their anti-submarine warfare. While submarine concerns were parked for years, a steady uptick in Russian submarine activity could be seen.

According to CNN, the concrete and major changes in its fleet came following Russia’s announcement of its $670 billion modernization program. Moscow is refurbishing its nuclear attack submarines to modernize capabilities and go back to patrol again. Additionally, there are also new generations of ballistic missile submarines now sent to the Northern Pacific which is igniting Russia’s presence underwater.

As Michael Kofman wrote: “A much more sophisticated, and supposedly quieter, nuclear attack submarine class is soon to become operational, with its lead ship still undergoing sea trials. This more silent generation of submarines, called the Yasen class, stands to make a large dent in the technological edge of the U.S. Navy, and it is this sub in particular that has Western defense officials nervous.”

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As if in anticipation of the possible war, Global Research reported that US President Barack Obama is also asking EU for support against Russia. Specifically, Obama is “demanding the active deployment of the Bundeswehr [Germany’s armed forces, including their Army, Navy, and Air Force] to NATO’s eastern borders” at Balistics republics and Poland. Additionally, it was reported that Obama planned on hosting a “summit meeting” in Hannover Germany last April 25 with the leaders of Germany (Angela Merkel), Italy (Matteo Renzi), France (Francois Hollande), and Britain (David Cameron). The assumed goal is to set up military forces that could threaten Russia.

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