WW3 Scenario: US, NATO Refuse To Join Russia Army Games

WW3 Scenario: US, NATO Refuse To Join Russia Army Games
T-90S Dmitry Terekhov / Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0
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It seems that when it comes to military cooperation, several NATO countries and the U.S. don’t want anything to do with Russia.


Russia is set to hold its International Army Games. This includes a wide range of exercises including the tank biathlon, military medical relay race, sniper frontier, airborne platoon, masters of armored vehicles, Suvorov attack, gunsmith master, field kitchen, maintenance battalion, army scout masters, seaborne assault, safe environment, masters of artillery fire, Aviadarts, open water and even an exercise known as “true friend.”

Countries that have come to participate include China, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Angola, Belarus, Egypt, Iran, Azerbaijan, Zimbabwe, Armenia, Mongolia, India, Serbia, Pakistan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Nicaragua, Tajikistan, Greece, South Africa, Vietnam and Morocco. Meanwhile, countries who have agreed to take on an observer role include Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Myanmar, Austria, Namibia, Germany, Israel, Cuba and Indonesia.

“We invited teams from 47 countries and 19 of them agreed to participate,” explained Lt.-Gen. Ivan Buvaltsev. Over 3,000 soldiers are expected to participate in Russia’s military event this year.

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According to the Russia Ministry of Defense, the number of teams participating in its International Army Games this year has increased two times over. It also explained that all teams shall be using Russian military hardware during the event with the exception of China. Its equipment will be delivered to the area by railway.

On the other hand, Russian news agency TASS reports that countries who have declined to participate in Russia’s army games include NATO members U.S., Great Britain, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, the Netherlands, and Slovakia. Other countries that also refused participation include Argentina, Brazil, South Korea, Morocco, Turkmenia, Uzbekistan, Finland and Japan.

Meanwhile, it seems the U.S. Army remains occupied with an exercise of their own in the Ukraine. Rapid Trident is an exercise that brings together Ukraine, the U.S., NATO member nations and other Partnership for Peace nations. It was organized following the “explicit request” of the Ukrainian military and government.

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