WW3 Scenario: US, NATO Allies Stage ‘Explicit’ War Games In Ukraine

WW3 Scenario: US, NATO Allies Stage ‘Explicit’ War Games In Ukraine
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It is a military exercise that’s been done closest to Russia’s borders so far. The U.S., its NATO allies and Ukraine have just kicked off a massive military exercise in Yavoriv, Ukraine. These exercises are held at the “explicit request” of both the Ukrainian military and government.


This year, it is expected that military personnel joining Rapid Trident will number up to about 2,000. The exercise will see as much as 14 countries working together during the exercises. Aside from the U.S. and Ukraine, the exercise also includes forces from Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Georgia, Great Britain, Moldova, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Sweden and Turkey. The focus of Rapid Trident is on peacekeeping and stability operations.

With Russia in close proximity from Ukraine, it only makes sense that the nature of the Rapid Trident exercise is primarily defensive operations. During this exercises, forces will also be validating the training of units that attended the Joint Multinational Training Group-Ukraine program. At the same time, the exercises will also include a number of key tasks such as convoy operations, patrolling and countering improvised explosive devices.

During the opening ceremony of Rapid Trident at the International Peacekeeping and Security Center in Ukraine on Monday, Ukraine Col. Eduard Moskalyov, Co-Director of the exercise and First Deputy Commander of Operational Command North, remarked, “Today’s presence here of such a powerful cohort of our partners and comrades in arms demonstrates the broad international support for the struggle of the Ukrainian nation for sovereignty and territorial integrity as a democratic European state.”

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Meanwhile, U.S. Army Col. Nick Ducich, also a Co-Director of the exercise, told the participating forces, “Your training efforts over the next two weeks contribute to the regional security of Europe, expand mutual cooperation, and assist Ukraine in furthering their Defense Reform and Modernization efforts.” Rapid Trident will run from June 27 to July 8.

Russia is yet to issue a statement regarding Rapid Trident.

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