WW3 Scenario: US, India Alliance Nightmare For China & Russia

WW3 Scenario: US, India Alliance Nightmare For China & Russia
PM Narendra Modi with the President of the United States, Barack Obama narendra Modi/Flickr CC by 2.0

It is an understatement to say that the United States and China are both at odds with each other. The West has been entangled in a series of world affairs and conflict that analysts now suggest that aside from picking a “fight” with Russia and Chinaa, the country is in fact provoking tensions with Venezuela as well. Is the US out for war?


There are reports suggesting that the United States will violate sovereignty of many countries via aerial surveillance. Some of the countries involved include Russia, Venezuela and China.

According to a report from Telesur, the United States is continually provoking other nations through its routine surveillance flights. That act alone has threatened the sovereignty of other countries including the ones mentioned. The most recent of which is China. The latter called out the flight of two US jets saying that such pose “serious threat” to the country’s airspace.

However, the problem reportedly lies on the mainstream media. The reports always put the Washington’s explanation up front in turn putting the blame on the other countries involved. There lies a probable different story on the matter, according to the report.

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Case in point, most reports highlighted that the Chinese launched an “unsafe” interception of the jets. China denied the reports. Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hong Lei said that Pentagon’s version of the story is untrue.

However as this matter has not been settled, China may have to be on the lookout for more than just US jets. The alliance rising between the West and India could mean potential nightmare for the country. Both nations have become worried about Beijing that they are inching closer together.

“The dialogue covered issues of mutual interest, including exchange of perspectives on maritime security development in the Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean Region as well as prospects for further strengthening cooperation between India and the United States in this regard,” the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in its press release.

Talks between the two countries have resulted to U.S.-India Defense Technology and Trade Initiative (DTTI). According to National Interest: “Through DTTI, American and Indian officials have discussed sharing technology and boosting business ties between the two countries’ defense industries.”

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    India is being influenced by Evil. But, God will save India. India must stay neutral or support China and Russia when WW3 starts (soon).