WW3 Scenario: UK Deploys Troops In Support Of NATO Against Russian Aggression

WW3 Scenario: UK Deploys Troops In Support Of NATO Against Russian Aggression
David Cameron President of Russia/Website CC by 2.0
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Amid the intensified military presence of Russian forces in the Baltic States and Poland, hundreds of troops from the United Kingdom are to be deployed to protect NATO-member states in the region from Russian aggression.


A battalion of five hundred men with augmentation from Denmark and France awaits further instruction for its new assignment now that Russia announced it’s not sitting idly while NATO forces are advancing in the Eastern Europe, the Telegraph reported.

The battalion, which will act as a trip-wire, aims to send a stern warning against Russia that any form of aggression against any NATO member states will not be tolerated and the alliance is ready to back its allies in the region.

Other battalions from other NATO-member states have also pledged to send some of its men to countries that share borders with Russia. This move, as previously reported by the Morning News USA, aims to deter any similar incident in 2014 where Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine.

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The report added that around 200 British military men would be deployed to Poland with a main objective of training local forces.

Michael Fallon, UK’s Defence Secretary said UK is ready to send augmentation when the need arises. In fact, a 5,000 strong brigade is ready to be deployed to Poland at command.

“It should send a very strong signal of unity and our determination to defend the Baltic states and Poland in the face of continued Russian aggression. They won’t be left out to dry. They can be reinforced very rapidly,” Fallon was quoted as saying by the Telegraph.

While NATO-member states are readying their troops to be deployed in parts of Eastern Europe, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered its men to be wary of any possible aggression coming from any NATO-member states, especially the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, as well as Canada.

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