WW3 Scenario: Russia Reveals New Generation Sukhoi Fighter

WW3 Scenario: Russia Reveals New Generation Sukhoi Fighter
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Say what you will, but nothing will stop Russia from preparing for war. Today, the Russian Defense Ministry has revealed a new generation of Russian Sukhoi Fighter expected to enjoy dominance in the skies.


The Sukhoi T-50 (PAK FA or Future Air Complex – Tactical Air Forces) is said to be a fifth generation fighter. It is also said to be a multi-role stealth aircraft armed with the latest in aviation technology and designed with radar-absorbing materials, allowing it get pass an enemy airspace largely undetected.

According to a profile done by the Military Factory, The Sukhoi T-50 is meant to challenge the American made Lockheed F-22 Raptor air superiority fighter. It was developed through a partnership between Russian and India.

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The Sukhoi T-50 can only fly a crew of one. It soars with the a maximum speed of 330 m/s. Once it’s leveled, this fighter can fly with a maximum supersonic speed of 2,600 km/h. It can carry an operational load of up to 10 tons, with the fighter as heavy as 35,480 during takeoff. Once airborne, this fighter can reach a maximum flying distance of 5,500 kilometers.

According to a report from news.com.au, the Sukhoi T-50 also boasts of supermanueverability capabilities. It comes with a virtual co-pilot and a low radar cross-section. It has both a first-stage engine and advanced second stage engine to give it more thrust.

Something else that the Russians are proud of when it comes to the Sukhoi T-50 are sensors capable of seeking out and locating other stealth aircraft in the area, be it an F-22 Raptor, F-35 Lighting II strike fighter and B-1 bomber. Back in the U.S., however, it seems a lot are not impressed with the new Russian fighter.

The U.S. itself had recently revealed its new F-35A fighter that can strike at an enemy even before it gets detected.

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    It would be cool to see it blasting F16s and F22s.