WW3 Scenario: Russia Prepares Tactical Electromagnetic Combat Systems

WW3 Scenario: Russia Prepares Tactical Electromagnetic Combat Systems
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Russia doesn’t want to fall short on military technology as it appears to be exploring more capabilities. The country is now looking into tactical electromagnetic combat systems which could otherwise affect how it its forces can stand up to other world powers. Is Russia truly gearing up for some kind of world war?


There are now reports that Moscow’s electronic warfare equipment producer has conducted tests of a tactical electromagnetic combat complex fully integrated with latest air-defense systems. What’s even more interesting is that the system can supposedly neutralize all enemy electronics is necessary.

According to a report from RT, the components of the new system are already underway – currently in factory testing. Once the new system is in place, it can protect civilian and military facilities from any air or space attacks. Representative from Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (KRET), Russia’s leading producer of electronic warfare systems, confirmed the matter to the press. The tests should conclude at the latter part of 2016.

The source explained that the new system, when integrated with air defense networks and systems, “maintains automated real-time intelligence data exchange with the airspace defense task force” that can manage centralized target distribution. Furthermore, this will give Russia the capacity to suppress or stop current or any potential airborne electronic equipment. This gives Moscow the power to stop aircrafts and satellites from doing anything or succeeding in their mission.

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“We’ve created multichannel information transmission system ensuring simultaneous electronic jamming of various systems,” said KRET’s representative.

As it continues to work on its military capability, Russia has been under constant pressure on the situation in Syria. Nonetheless, the country continues to reaffirm its stand on the matter. Russian military has been coordinating with Israel to guarantee mutual flight safety over Syria. Likewise, the country also claims that it is doing it best to prevent incidents involving Israeli army and other militaries.

“Russian servicemen make sure that no incident involving the armed forces of any other country occurs,” RT quoted Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov in another report.

“We are working in close contact with the Israeli military and, naturally, no threat has been posed to them.”

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