WW3 Scenario: Russia Prepares To Bomb NATO As It Declares War

WW3 Scenario: Russia Prepares To Bomb NATO As It Declares War
T-90s Dmitry Terekhov/Flickr CC by 2.0
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Tensions are high between Russia and NATO, and it does not seem like it will ease up sooner. Russia is reportedly preparing a new nuclear space bomber, while NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg penned a piece that could otherwise be a declaration of war against Russia.


NATO’s Declaration of War?

In what seemed to be NATO’s declaration of war, the Secretary General made it clear how the alliance sees Russia. While there are threats like terrorism across the globe, it sees Russia as a challenge.

“But there is another challenge: a challenge from a more assertive Russia, especially following the illegal annexation of Crimea. I believe a key way to enhance our long-term security in Europe is to engage in meaningful dialogue with Russia, NATO’s largest and most powerful neighbour,” said Stoltenberg.

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“It is also why NATO leaders at our recent summit in Warsaw reconfirmed our balanced, two-track approach to Russia: strengthening our collective deterrence and defence, while at the same time remaining committed to meaningful dialogue,” he added. 

Russia’s New Bomber?

Russia has made headlines before for continuously working on artillery that could be taken as means to conquer some land or become a superpower against perceived foes. Now that NATO and the United States made it clear that they see Russia as a threat, any progress or development in weaponry in Russia’s part could be seen as advantageous if tensions escalate to real conflict.

A senior Russian officer claimed the Kremlin’s weaponeers have been poring over a nuclear-armed orbital bomber, capable of dropping megaton atomic bombs over any target location on earth one or two hours following launch.

“Upon command it will ascend into outer space, strike a target with nuclear warheads and then return to its home base,” explained Lt. Col. Aleksei Solodovnikov, an officer in Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces.

“I think that its lift-off mass must be 20 to 25 metric tons for it to be a strike aircraft. It will [be able to accelerate to] hypersonic speed in rocket mode.”

However, the world should not panic yet as it is not likely that the bomber will be available soon, according to National Interest. The report argues that while Russia has been been reigniting the capabilities of its country’s military and defense industry, there has also been a slew of outrageous pronouncements about possible weapons and programs. The nuclear space bomber could be considered one of these.

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  • JCDavis

    Russia should have invaded Ukraine the day after the CIA coup and arrested the plotters. As it is, Putin has been slow to react to Obama’s neocon provocations. He allowed Obama to bomb Libya mercilessly with the lie of “protecting civilians,” then allowed Obama to arm and train ten thousand terrorists to attack Syria, and only stepped in when it was almost too late. Perhaps he is waiting for the next president that he hopes will be less warmongering than this one, but that is a false hope. Hillary is even more of a warmonger than Obama, and who knows what Trump might do. So if Putin were to attack NATO suddenly and across a broad front, Russia might have a chance. Obama would react slowly and ineffectively. After all, he is a puppet president who gets his instructions from people far away who don’t have up to date intel. And he’s a coward, besides.

  • Jennifer Wheeler

    Declaration of War? What? Talk about propoganda!

  • Angel

    Bro you guys suck at news articles.You said russia declares war.but nowhere in the article it states that russia declared war.GO BACK TO SCHOOL.