WW3 Scenario: Russia-Iran Alliance Threatens United States

WW3 Scenario: Russia-Iran Alliance Threatens United States
Vladimir Putin Jedimentat44 / Flickr cc
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As the United States try to push Russia into a corner, the latter has been trying to find ways to cooperate with more countries for a more formidable alliance. According to experts, the newfound alliance brewing between Russia and Iran could be a threat to the United States. Who will win in case a full out war ensues?


Russia-Iran Alliance Threatens the United States

According to experts, Russia’s use of of an Iranian air base to rain down on rebels in Syria is sending the United States a message. Russia is trying to reiterate to the United States that either the nation will join it or Vladimir Putin will look for ways to seek the West’s enemies.

“The Russians are showing they have options in Syria while they have Washington over a barrel on Aleppo,” PBS quoted said Andrew Tabler from the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. The Syria expert added that the operations have established Russia’s alliance with Iran in the region.

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Previously, the United States pinned its hopes on Russia that if it intervened, its action “would ultimately sideline Iran and its proxy Hezbollah force in Syria,” which could also prompt Assad to become more conciliatory in a peace process.

“The latest Russian-Iranian coordination would suggest Tehran isn’t being sidelined. It is virtually unheard of in recent Iranian history for a foreign power to use an Iranian base to stage attacks,” claimed PBS.

Alarms Sounding

According to National Review, it is important to see that Putin is threatening to unleash more open warfare. Putin has been threatening retaliation, massed troops in eight locations on the Ukrainian border. He has also ordered exercises that could otherwise allow Russia to advance on Ukraine.

According to the report, Russia’s recent moves including Moscow’s use of the Iran base should sound the alarms for the State Department.

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